Monday, May 17, 2010

Water pups.....

There's nothing my 'girls' like better than a trip to the beach and this weekend they got lucky and were able to have two long romps (with naps in between).

Chasing tennis balls is a fav - although Molly likes to put them in the ocean instead of bringing them back to you and then enjoys watching you go wading to retrieve them!  You can almost hear her giggle as she's doing it......

She used to be the fastest rocket on the beach but now her little sis, Mia has longer legs and can outrun her.  Mia's game is to block Molly from running after her ball, so now Molly has to zig zag side to side to get past her and then go full speed all out to beat her to the ball.....  So fun to watch.  No wonder they are both exhausted afterwards!!

Boogie used to like water games too - the beach and the pool!  Especially laying on the pool float and then sploshing off!!

The girls do pretty well there too.....diving in and swimming out, running round the pool 20 times and .....repeat!!
Course you can always just pose on the side when you get tired.......... or
 see who can get to the ball first!!!  What do your animals do that makes you smile?

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