Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ancient tree of life......

So this weekend I received this lovely gift - Its an
"Ancient Tree of Life" 
sculpture from my good friend Joey Cattone......  She had found the beautiful azurite rock in Arizona and knew that those gorgeous sparkly aqua/turquoise colors would go soooo well with my decor!!!  So she brought it home with her and made me this delightful tree out of wire and beads to decorate my mantle.  I've seen tree of life themes on jewelry before so I decided to look into the tradition and meaning a bit more........

Apparently, the Tree of Life is a universal symbol that can be found in the spiritual tradition of most cultures around the world. If you think about it..... trees provide shelter, they are tall and strong and have deep roots connecting them to the earth but they also reach skyward towards the 'heavens'.    They lose their leaves and grow new ones...bear fruit...enriching the air we breathe. All symbols of life, growth and renewal....... 

I think its beautiful to look at and I love that it was handmade with love..........  Joey's other work can be seen on her website :  (and include murals, watercolors, oils on canvas, prints, sculptures and many others)  Check her out!!!!  And thanks Joey!

And for those of you who would like to incorporate a tree of life pattern into some jewelry - here's a free one to download from Janice Parsons of the beadshop -   Aren't these gorgeous?  I'll have to make one for me!!!

And here's her website - full of beads, findings,components, projects and free downloads -  Thanks Janice x

And here are some gorgeous tree of life jewelry pieces from Dolcie Crawford - just look at the detail and beautiful colors on this one......The bead is a natural Paua shell.   Very special indeed:)
Her other work can be seen at her store :
Her facebook page :
Her blog :   Thanks Dolcie :)


  1. I love the "Tree of Life" jewelry. thanks for the background.

  2. Hi Cheryl!! Yes - I hadn't really thought about its 'meaning' before either......a bit like tree pose in yoga where you think of your feet as your roots connecting to the ground, your legs as your trunk, tall and strong, and the top of your head reaching up to the sky, getting taller as you extend towards the light.......Interesting stuff :O)

  3. Hi Cheryl...Thank you for mentioning Hide a Heart on your blog and inviting people to post a comment to win a HAH on the HAH blog HERE While the contest is over, if your followers are interested, HAH can be found HERE

    I am particularly fond of the 'Tree of Life' as it is signature icon for UU (Unitarian Universalists)
    Hope you enjoyed a Wonderful Mother's Day!