Monday, April 12, 2010

So where did all your creativity come from?

Ever stopped to take a minute to think why you are so crafty

I went to school in England and we were lucky enough to have some creative classes at school - everything from painting (art) to needlework and beyond.  I even have some early memories or papier mache balloons that turned into 'fabulous' face masks and dolls......and then of course at home, my Mum and all her sisters were great knitters and crocheters - someone always had a new pattern at hand and a bag of wool in their bag.  As a result I ended up with quite a few interesting outfits......not all of which were met with surprise and delight!  Of course now I would love the custom hand made element of it all but at the time.......I just wanted something bought from a store like everyone else!!!
This one was for a pearly king and queen party - I thought I looked like the 'bees knees' at the time (and just look at those knees and the shoes and socks!!!).   Those mother of pearl sequins took a long time to stick on and the fancy colored ribbons along the skirt were all sewn on by hand....and......I had fancy petticoats under there keeping that skirt puffy!  Fairy princesses have those don't they?   if there was a prize for the best outfit - I don't remember winning it :)  But I do remember I had fun wearing this one.

This one (I'm the one on the left and the other pretty miss was my best friend, Sally!) was a bright red velvet ensemble with stuck on gold braid and hand made bow in my hair sewn onto a comb.  As you can see from my expression - I'm not sure I    'l o v e d'    this one......but the' crafty' seeds were definitely being sewn!!  These are good for a laugh right??!!!!
 Here's one of my 'favs' - I wish I'd never thrown it out.  Crocheted squares put together as a gilet - but I do remember having a similar shift dress as well.  Colorful, warm and fun.  And a great way to use up bits and pieces of left over wool!!! Oh and it had that new fangled 'velcro' stuff as a fastener.  Fascinating !  Do you have a favorite crafty outfit from your childhood?

Here's one I made myself for a concert I was playing at - I was sooo proud of having made those frilly sleeves - took me forever!!
And of course on my Dad's side - he was a fabulous photographer and always had his Leica with him whenever we went anywhere, so I definitely have an enjoyment of photography from him.  Plus he was always hammering something or re-purposing something and so I learned that things can be re-made or re-used in a different way......The most memorable was a fantastic old mahogany dresser that was no longer needed inside the house, so it got moved to the garage where it became home to many tools, hammers, nails, saws, you name it!   Everything had its place in this lovely piece of furniture.  The poshest tool box ever :-) Here they are looking very dapper in a christmas shot - I love that my Mum has her jewelry on to complete her outfit and my Dad has a pinky lavender shirt and snazzy tie!!  How cute is that??!!! A man not afraid of color :)


  1. I'm in England and did all the same when I went to school :)
    I loved painting the most and on parent teacher evenings I was always doing artwork for the parents to watch as they made their tour of the school :)
    Mu uncle was a great painter - he used to paint backdrops for the movies back in the 50s and 60s.

  2. Hi Pat - Good memories eh? Bet you loved seeing your Uncle's work. How cool to be involved with the movies :) Glad to see you still love to paint and that pic of the pups on the beach "Bam" is lovely - the pups eyes really show the excitement they feel inside......

  3. Too COOL!! LOVE all the pic's!! I don't remember a lot of "crafty" classes here in the states, even back in the day, I know they don't have them now. My "crafty" skills came from my grandmother's both knit, crochet, sewed and many other things!! I wish I had been more interested while I had them here, but they inspire me now!

  4. Hi Michele - Yes I wish I'd paid more attention too - my knitting and crocheting lessons are well forgotten unfortunately.....but we got to our creativity in our own way now eventually didn't we :)

  5. My mum made all my clothes when I was young and taught me to sew on her old Singer treadle machine, then I made my own mini skirts and dresses! (yes in the '60s)I still love sewing though I don't make clothes these days.

  6. Hi there Pam - those mini skirts and dresses sound rather exciting!! Shame you don't get to make clothes these days - I notice you do make lovely jewelry though! I think we had a Singer too - I think it came with its own 'table' that had ornate ironwork on the legs!! More memories coming back!! Have a great day and thanks for the comment :)

  7. Thank you for sharing your memories...this is a lovely post. Made me smile. Hope you stop by and make a could win a Hide a Heart if your post is chosen. Have a great day!

  8. I'll do that MCatherine! Thanks Glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane :)

  9. Coming from a family with not much money - we recycled everything into a new use . My Dad was very clever & creative that way - My Mom did it on the cooking side . I can remember making antlers out of coat hangers for make believe at Halloween. I had a best friend from grade school who had incredible artistic abilities and went on to be come a technical illustrator - we spent hours drawing together - she was my greatest inspiration