Sunday, April 18, 2010

The King and I.........

Or "Getting to Know You"!!!  Shows my age I know but still one of my favorite musicals!!!  So here are some of my link love and other friends who responded to my recent blog post about where our creativity came from and how it was nurtured.  Thought you'd like to meet the artists behind the stores and see some of their current gorgeous creations.......

First up - Pat Elliott who is also a dog lover like me, supports rescue........and what better subject matter?  I love the intensity of the look on their faces here as they enjoy their romp on the furry girls love nothing better!!  Here's Pat's painting "Bam"
Check out Pats pup and other artwork here
Here's what she said in response to my creativity blog posting - "I'm in England and did all the same when I went to school :)   I loved painting the most and on parent teacher evenings I was always doing artwork for the parents to watch as they made their tour of the school :)
My uncle was a great painter - he used to paint backdrops for the movies back in the 50s and 60s"
Check out her blog too here -  Thanks Pat x

Next up - Michele of By Your Side who says "I don't remember a lot of "crafty" classes here in the states, even back in the day, I know they don't have them now. My "crafty" skills came from my grandmother's both knit, crochet, sewed and many other things!! I wish I had been more interested while I had them here, but they inspire me now!"  Michele creates beautiful  handmade purses, handbags, totes, bags and accessories....Love the colors and the shape on this Itty Bitty Brittney Travel Bag....

 Check out her other lovely creations at :, her facebook fan page at :   And her blog at :
Thanks Michele :)

Pam Southernwood (Avrilpam) 
creates jewelry bags and scarves! Check out these beauties.
She says "She says " My mum made all my clothes when I was young and taught me to sew on her old Singer treadle machine, then I made my own mini skirts and dresses! (yes in the '60s)I still love sewing though I don't make clothes these days"   Love the combination of colors on those delicious earrings!  Here's her blog : 
Thanks Pam!

MCatherine Lunsford enjoyed the trip down memory lane and offered us an opportunity to win one of her Hide a Hearts - "Thank you for sharing your memories...this is a lovely post. Made me smile. Hope you stop by and make a could win a Hide a Heart if your post is chosen. Have a great day!"   Here's a pic of her Love You Hide a Heart - a very original way of expressing yourself!  Thanks MCatherine

Joey Cattone says "Coming from a family with not much money - we recycled everything into a new use . My Dad was very clever & creative that way - My Mom did it on the cooking side . I can remember making antlers out of coat hangers for make believe at Halloween. I had a best friend from grade school who had incredible artistic abilities and went on to be come a technical illustrator - we spent hours drawing together - she was my greatest inspiration.  View Joey's artwork or request a custom piece of your own at :

Here's her latest - "Awaiting the Pruners hand"

Tanya LaVallee - has a great motto - she says "My mother and Grand-mother. My mother taught ceramics and my grand-mother owned a craft store and loves doing flower arrangements. Both of them did various other crafts. Many of which I can do and some I taught myself that they can't do. My motto is "I'd rather be crafting"!!  Its a good one Tanya!  Here's her facebook page :   And her website:
And her blog :   
Her website enables you to buy and sell handmade crafts on consignment - so there's no listing fee!
She has a lot of different and beautiful crafts there right now - but this colorful wreath particularly caught my eye....Thanks Tanya :)

Kelley A Masson tells where she got her creativity from "A long line of seamstresses. My Nana taught me to knit and crochet. She made doll wardrobes and dresses for me. My mom made lots of lots of clothes. She just gave me a Holly Hobbie doll she made from a vintage 1970s pattern for my birthday. I started sewing when my oldest was a baby about 17 years ago."  In her store SewEndless, Kelly now creates handmade bags for women and children.  And look how fun they are!!!   Here's her shop
and a current one of her creations - her Retro Rainbow Ruffle Handbag.  That one will definitely brighten your day :)  Thanks Kelly :)

Angie Baker knows that she was quite simply, born with her talent!  Here's her website where she offers her custom, unique jewelry..... including some lovely lanyards.... so practical yet so beautiful.

Thanks everyone!  Keep creating :)


  1. Thank you for mentioning Hide a Heart and inviting people to the blog to enter the contest!
    I do not recall a time when I did not create...I knew myself to be a singer when I was 4 yrs. old and the right-brain has been dominant since! Have a GREAT day!

  2. Thank you so much for the mention - you are kind indeed xx

    oh and BAM! - stands for Ben and Mia - the two dogs in the painting :)

  3. You are welcome MCatherine. Pat - thats great!! I have a Molly and a Mia, collectively known as M&M :)

  4. Thank you, thank you. I was so excited to see your blog! I love it!

  5. I'm way behind checking through my blog list so just found this post. thank you so much for including me here.
    pam x