Friday, March 5, 2010

Featured favorite stores : Magic Sands Glass Studios

Delighted to feature Magic Sands Glass Studios from Aptos CA in my favorite stores feature.

Peter and Melanie Vizzusi are our friends and neighbors, and I delight in growing my collection of their pieces each year!! Its also a wonderful experience to go and watch the pieces being made......just like being in Venice (only a good deal better!) and Peter is great at explaining the process, the design, the colors etc.

Here he explains that he employs "classic glass-blowing techniques; coaxing beautiful forms, and developing rich colors and textures. Each piece is an improvised, unique vessel, hand made and finished "at the fire". The Magic Sands look can transition from traditional to contemporary, complementing any space or style."

Here's his explanation of the fantastic luminescence of his pieces "A note on iridescent glass: iridescence is an optical phenomenon whereby hue changes with the angle from which a surface is viewed. In practical terms, we melt glass which contains a percentage of copper or silver (as did Tiffany and Steuben), blast the nearly-completed vessel with a reducing flame to bring the metal to the surface. This attains a surface of rich and complex colors, which may surprise and delight the viewer as it reveals itself in changing light conditions."

They certainly do surprise and delight Peter :) And they make the most beautiful and memorable gifts for yourself or others.........

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