Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Earring tent style display cards - download a template

These past few days I have been looking for a free downloadable template for a 'tent' style earring display........and couldn't find one that was big and sturdy enough for my designs!  So here's one I made for myself using 'Pages' on my mac.  I have also saved the file in Word format (but I can't open that one to check it!) so hope that those of you on a PC might also be able to use it.  Its basically a template for 3 earring cards on one 8 x 11 inch sheet. You'll need to import your own graphics etc but I have shown the placement and orientation for the finished product to work!  To turn pics or text upside down on the Mac - hold down "Command" and click on one of the box edges and turn thru 180 degrees.......

For printing I used cardstock but photo card paper also looks great as the photos (if you choose to use product photos) come out more clearly, although the photo paper curled up a bit at the edges........  so take your pick!!  

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below....... many thanks

Click here to go to my website where the templates (for MAC or PC)  may be downloaded :

If you need a banner for Etsy or above use try this : 
(with thanks to withsprinklesplease for showing me this!)

Or if you are familiar with Gimp and want a banner, try this:
(with thanks to Luchi Creations)

Or for shorter earring designs here's a very neat way of using business cards for a neat display idea:
(with thanks to Enthral Designs)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

400+ fan thank you giveaway.......

Welcome to all Cherrypik's new fans and an on-going thank you to one and all.  I've so much enjoyed getting to know you all and am delighted with my link love purchases to date!!! There's something very special about a handmade item/gift - beautifully made and with that extra special design touch - and always made with love of course!!!

So going from 400-450 fans happened so quickly that I decided to 'double up'!
Double the gifts, twice the fun........

In celebration of 450 fans + I've teamed up with Mary Girardi from Luv M Girl jewels and she has added this gorgeous pair from her Rock Out collection.  These are gold filled earwires with luscious orange faceted CZ's, Swarovski crystals .....and the Cherrypik Jewels pair are these beautifully faceted, pear shaped clear quartz briolettes with sterling silver ear posts......

Yes - the winner gets both pairs!!!!!

All you have to do to enter the drawing is:

1) be a fan of Cherrypik Jewels on Facebook,

2) Sign up to follow my blog and leave a comment under this post........

3) if you want more than one entry to the drawing, invite new fans to join the fan page and sign up for the blog and send me an email of the number and names you have invited.  One entry per name you submit.

Entries will close on Wed 7th April 12 midnight PST and be drawn on Thurs 8th April 2010.  Please let your friends/fans know :)  Many thanks  x

Check out Mary's Luv M Girl Jewelry collection here :!/album.php?aid=43762&id=1409531240

Thanks to everyone who entered - drawing was won by Cynthia (cyaminbear).  Congratulations Cynthia :) Will have another giveaway very soon - keep watching!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The featured artist of the week, based out of Eldorado Hills CA is......... my good friend, Joey Cattone...

This piece above, is currently featured on a wine label for Vintner's Cellar....I love how the colors set the mood along with the shape of the rolling hills. Makes me take a breath and relax when I look at it!

Her other pieces include other winery works, flowers and gardens and some very popular photography and collage items. She says her style ranges from realistic to slightly impressionistic, depending on the subject matter being portrayed. Originals, gicless, custom work all available. Don't forget to check out her murals as well!!

Take a moment or two to peruse her site and enjoy her beautiful work....

Friday, March 5, 2010

Featured favorite stores : Magic Sands Glass Studios

Delighted to feature Magic Sands Glass Studios from Aptos CA in my favorite stores feature.

Peter and Melanie Vizzusi are our friends and neighbors, and I delight in growing my collection of their pieces each year!! Its also a wonderful experience to go and watch the pieces being made......just like being in Venice (only a good deal better!) and Peter is great at explaining the process, the design, the colors etc.

Here he explains that he employs "classic glass-blowing techniques; coaxing beautiful forms, and developing rich colors and textures. Each piece is an improvised, unique vessel, hand made and finished "at the fire". The Magic Sands look can transition from traditional to contemporary, complementing any space or style."

Here's his explanation of the fantastic luminescence of his pieces "A note on iridescent glass: iridescence is an optical phenomenon whereby hue changes with the angle from which a surface is viewed. In practical terms, we melt glass which contains a percentage of copper or silver (as did Tiffany and Steuben), blast the nearly-completed vessel with a reducing flame to bring the metal to the surface. This attains a surface of rich and complex colors, which may surprise and delight the viewer as it reveals itself in changing light conditions."

They certainly do surprise and delight Peter :) And they make the most beautiful and memorable gifts for yourself or others.........

Read more here -
And see his store here -

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Newly listed on Etsy today : Filagree silver flower tube bead earrings with blue chalcedony and crystals

I loved the flower filagree work on these blackened sterling silver tube beads and think they look lovely with the faceted round blue chalcedony beads and the Swarovski crystal dangles!

Another great giveaway opportunity

Win one of Funky Hooker's delightful baby hats AND get to enjoy these delightful pics from Maxwell photography......