Monday, February 1, 2010

Wonderful to be able to report that my flower power earrings sold and the proceeds go to Hearts for Haiti on! Mailed them out to their new owner thismorning.

So.....been busy with house stuff last week........getting my head turned back to jewelry creating. Wondering what is your creative process? I am amazed at the beautiful and extremely creative items I am seeing as part of link love! And must admit I've had to just buy a few things for myself here and there!!!

For me.....I love looking through magazines etc and then thinking about the colors and stones I want to use, the shape of the finished piece and coming up with a design plan in my head. Then I lay out all the stones and see if they look good together and also to place sizes and shapes......Then I get going on making the item up.......and usually it evolves at this stage - sometimes quite a bit! it usually finishes up different from the plan I had originally imagined! How about you?

Also - last two days to sign up for the giveaway (ruby and carnelian earrings).......

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